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Dashboard 1-2 Season

Fiberglass Parts

We provide a variety of quality Fiberglass products to complete your Knight Rider Replica. These authentic parts include the famous Kitt "Nose" or Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, 2 TV Dash and Switch Pods, Upper and Lower Consoles.

Electronics 1-2 Season


We have taken pride in constructing screen accurate electronics for your Season 1/2 Kitt Conversion. Our electronics can be set as either KM/h or MPH, the Voicebox is integrated with DTMF tone generator and PANP circuit, Tachometer and more...

TurboCups Wheels


We provide options for replacing your broken Bowling Ball Hub Caps, as well as a revolutionary new way to use your original Pontiac 15-inch wheels and make them look like Kitt's Turbocast wheels by using the "TurboCups" System.

Overlay KITT


KR Conversion provides acessories that other vendors don't. We can provide the complete electronics overlays for your dash. We also provide replica Hood Scoop Buldge Inserts, Side Moldings Ground Effects, Tail Light Blackouts and more...


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We are your one stop source for your Knight Rider Kitt or Karr Replica Conversion Components... From Fiberglass Bumpers to Dash Electronics and everything in between. Knight Rider Conversion is your authentic source for quality conversion parts.


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