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We are your one stop source for quality Fiberglass Knight Rider Conversion products, as well as offering you a vast amount of electronics and accessories for making your dream of owning KITT from the TV Show Knight Rider a reality.

So whats makes us stand out from the crowd?

Over the years there have been a lot of Vendors offering products to try and help you succeed in building your very own KITT Replica. There are many forums out there that tell you some person sells good or bad products. Unfortunately, those sites are very biased and are usually run by vendors that only want to sell you what they offer. They will talk bad about every other Vendor that is not associated with them. What makes us stand out from the crowd is that we care about our products and about our customers. We have a 100% feedback rating on Ebay. We produce quality parts, made with the best fiberglass resins or electronic components on the market today. We continuously strive to provide you with innovation and designs that we create to provide you with different options and show accurate components. We are not associated with the forums, and work independantly, for you...


We work hard to provide you with the most accurate replica parts in the industry. With other vendors, you could end up waiting for years without receiving your products. We care about our longterm relationships with our customers that keeps them coming back to us . We provide fast shipping on most of our items, and keep inventory to be able to ship within a day or two. We package out products well, so they do not get damaged in shipping. We provide a 2 year warranty on our electronics. Your happiness is not just our goal, but it is our mission. We are a family run business and have supported the Knight Rider Commmunity since 2008.

Vincenzo Forte
CEO & Technical Engineer

KITT "Vincenzo" KNIGHT is the designer behind our products. Vincenzo started this business originally in August of 2008. His passion for quality and innovative designs are second to none...

Luca Forte
CFO, Marketing Director

Luca is the son of Vincenzo. His role as a business advisor and marketing director play an important role in bringing our customers the products they deserve at an affordable cost.

Anna Forte
Customer Liaison & Shipping Clerk

The wife of our founder and Technical Engineer, she not only supports the team in our daily manufacturing, but also is responsible for shipping product to our customers. She tracks our packages from our shop to your door.


Welcome to Knight Rider Conversion 

We are your one stop source for your Knight Rider Kitt or Karr Replica Conversion Components... From Fiberglass Bumpers to Dash Electronics and everything in between. Knight Rider Conversion is your authentic source for quality conversion parts.


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